Film Academy

To big up a status of short-length films in Russia, in 2011 we for the first time founded the Short Film Academy which at the moment consists of 160 the most famous Russian cineastes.

The main goal of the Academy is to determine the leader of the second festival’s stage who is going to be given with Russian National Prize for the best short movie of the year in professional association’s opinion.

Professionals’ voting helps to effectively estimate the artistic level of the best Russian pictures and therefore the aspiring movie directors’ capability to create so-to-say re-usable films (the films that don’t outline after two weeks of screenings). It implies such films are going to involve the audience emotionally, claim positive values and win prizes for our country at international festivals

The Short Film Academy consists of:

1. Vladimir Khotinenko, a movie director

2. Yurii Arabov, a screenwriter

3. Dmitrii Dujev, a film actor

4. Vadim Abdrashitov, a movie director

5. Igor Ugolnikov, a filmmaker, an actor

6. Sitora Alieva, the main selector of the festival “Kinotavr”

7. Alexei Popogrebskii, a movie director

8. Andrei Zviagintcev, a movie director

9. Dmitrii Sobolev, a screenwriter

10. Yurii Korotkov, a screenwriter

11. Vera Storojeva, a movie director

12. Vladimir Alenikov, a movie director

13. Alexander Kott, a movie director

14. Vera Sumenova, the principal of training courses for screenwriters and movie directors

15. Sergei Zernov, a filmmaker, the head of the film studio named after Gorkii

16. Alexander Melkumov, a cameraman and a filmmaker of natural vision films

17. Andrei Kirillov, a cameraman

18. Oleg Ivanov, the general director of the company “Kinoexpertisa”

19. Ilia Bachurin, the filmmaker, the general director of the company “Glavkino”

20. Sergei Miroshnichenko, a movie director

21. Sergei Lazaruk, a film expert

22. Anna Kagarlitckaia, an editor

23. Alexandra Ershova, a tutor

24. Nikolai Izvolov, a film expert, a historian of cinema

25. Mikhail Agranovich, a cameraman

26. Nikolai Maiorov, a film expert, a historian of cinema

27. Elena Morozova, a film actress

28. Yurii Shiller, a movie director

29. Arsen Gotlib, a filmmaker

30. Alisher Khamidkhodjaev, a cameraman

31. Nikolai Skuibin, the head of stage directing department in Russian State University of Cinematography

32. Viacheslav Tereshchenko, the head of stage directing department in the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute

33. Vladimir Fenchenko, a tutor

34. Valerii Fedorovich, an editor

35. Dmitrii Mamuliia, a movie director

36. Oleg Lukichev, a cameraman

37. Sabina Eremeeva, a filmmaker

38. Maxim Drozdov, a cameraman

39. Artem Vasiliev, a filmmaker

40. Boris Khlebnikov, a movie director

41. Roman Borisevich, a filmmaker

42. Nikolai Khomeriki, a movie director

43. Andrei Yazydji, a cameraman

44. Evgenii Gindilis, a filmmaker

45. Alisa Khazanova, a film actress

46. Grigorii Dobrygin, a film actor

47. Mikhail Krichman, a cameraman

48. Igor Voloshin, a movie director

49. Pavel Kostomarov, a cameraman

50. Sergei Zemlianukhin, a film expert, a programming director of the festival “Kinoshok”

51. Vladimir Kott, a movie director

52. Avdotia Smirnova, a screenwriter, a movie director

53. Viacheslav Shmyrov, a film expert

54. Sergei Oldenburg-Svintcov, a movie director

55. Anna Gudkova, a film expert

56. Oksana Bychkova, a movie director

57. Sergei Mokritckii, a cameraman

58. Mikhail Sinev, a filmmaker

59. Elena Glikman, a filmmaker

60. Andrei Khrjanovskii, a movie director, an animation director

61. Vladimir Grammatikov, a movie director

62. Alexander Mindadze, a screenwriter, a movie director

63. Mikhail Kosyrev-Nesterov, a movie director

64. Vladimir Bugaev, a filmmaker

65. Alexei Rodionov, a cameraman

66. Pavel Bardin, a movie director

67. Dmitrii Masurenkov, a cameraman

68. Kirill Vasilenko, a sound designer 

69. Andrei Naidenov, a cameraman

70. Ilia Khrjanovskii, a movie director

71. Sergei Dvortcevoi, a movie director

72. Denis Rodimin, a screenwriter, a movie director

73. Alexei Uchitel, a movie director

74. Vasilii Sigarev, a movie director, a play writer

75. Nikolai Dostal, a movie director

76. Konstantin Lavronenko, a film actor

77. Alevtina Chinarova, a tutor

78. Marina Potapova, a screenwriter

79. Sergei Melkumov, a filmmaker

80. Alexei Arkhipov, a sound designer

81. Dmitrii Kupovykh, a filmmaker

82. Ramis Ibragimov, a tutor

83. Alexei Mizgirev, a movie director

84. Sergei Tiutin, a movie director

85. Pavel Lungin, a movie director

86. Sergei Loban, a movie director

87. Alexander Rodnyanskii, a filmmaker

88. Feliks Krivosheev, a filmmaker

89. Bakur Bakuradze, a movie director

90. David Shneiderov, a movie critic

91. Angelina Nikonova, a movie director

92. Olga Dykhovichnaia, a filmmaker, a film actress

93. Alexander Rodionov, a screenwriter

94. Sergei Kudriavtcev, a film expert

95. Pavel Ruminov, a movie director

96. Alexander Litvinov, a filmmaker

97. Yavor Gyrdev (Bulgaria), a movie director

98. Mirbala Salimli (Azerbaijan), a movie director

99. Sergei Rojkov, a cameraman

100. Ivan Kapitonov, a filmmaker

101. Uliana Kovaleva, a filmmaker

102. Slava Ross, a movie director

103. Oleg Pogodin, a movie director

104. Vladimir Dlugach, a filmmaker

105. Marina Kosinova, a historian of cinema

106. Masha Shalaeva, an actress

107. Alexander Gundorov, a filmmaker

108. Igor Tolstunov, a filmmaker

109. Svetlana Kuchmaeva, a filmmaker

110. Vera Glagoleva, a movie director, an actress

111. Marina Razbejkina, a movie director

112. Alexei Fedorchenko, a movie director

113. Alexander Golutva, a filmmaker

114. Alexander Kasatkin, a movie director

115. Natalia Nazarova, a movie director

116. Pavel Chukhrai, a movie director

117. Svetlana Adjubei, a founder of “Akademia Rossika”

118. Klim Shipenko, a movie director

119. Yana Troyanova, an actress

120. Lomer Akhvlediani, a cameraman

121. Nikolai Voroshchuk, the head of Central Studio for Documentary Film

122. Irina Izmailova, a film expert

123. Natalia Riazantceva, a screenwriter

124. Vladislav Drujinin, a movie director

125. Andrei Kretov, a filmmaker

126. Peter Buslov, a movie director

127. Natalia Tapkova, a picture editor

128. Dmitrii Rudovskii, a filmmaker

129. Mikhail Segal, a movie director

130. Renat Davletiarov, a filmmaker

131. Sergei Karandashov, a movie director

132. Vadim Goriainov, a filmmaker

133. Andrei Merzlikin, an actor

134. Vadim Smirnov, the general director of the company “XX century Fox CIS”

135. Sergei Sorochkin, the executive director of the distribution company “Luxor”

136. Alexei Muradov, a movie director

137. Kira Saksaganskaia, a filmmaker

138. Fedor Popov, a filmmaker

139. Roman Karimov, a movie director

140. Iosif Barskii, the head of cinematography department in Russian State University of Cinematography

141.Irina Liubarskaia, a short movie selector of the festival “Kinotavr”

142. Oleg Tafiniuk, the creative director of the film theatre “Pobeda” in Novosibirsk

143. Elena Yatcura, a filmmaker

144. Sergei Selianov, a filmmaker

145. Ivan Bolotnikov, a movie director

146. Sergei Soloviev, a movie director

147. Andrei Shemiakin, a film critic

148. Fedor Bondarchuk, a movie director, a filmmaker, an actor

149. Alexei Riazantcev, the general director of the film company “Karo-Premier”

150. Sergei Shumakov, a filmmaker, the chief editor of the channel “Kultura”

151. Djanik Faiziev, a movie director

152. Nina Romadonovskaia, the chief editor of “ProfyCinema”

153. Eduard Pichugin, the general director of the film studio “Lenfilm”

154. Larisa Miliukova, a film critic

155. Viktoriia Belopolskaia, a film expert

156. Yuliia Mishkinene, a filmmaker

157. Oleg Berezin, the general director of the company “Neva-Film”

158. Natalia Nusinova, a film expert

159. Vadim Alisov, a cameraman

160. Joel Chapron, a selector of the Cannes Film Festival

161. Polina Zueva, a production director of the festival “Kinotavr”

162. Roman Dorofeev, a film provider