The Feast of short movie!

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On 13, 14, 15 and 16 October at 21.00 in the film theatre “World of Art” you can see the films-winners of the 9th Russian National Auteur Short Film Festival “Artkino”. This release opens the final screening tour of the fest over the 50 Russian cities, where the audience will determine through voting the best short movie of the year. The awarded films are collected into 4 programs – “The Red”, “The Yellow”, “The Blue” and “The White”. Considering that the institutor of the festival, production group “World of Art” celebrates its 25th anniversary on 25 October, the entrance for all the screenings is free!

The program №1 – “The Red” – 13 October at 21.00
1. “Aside” by Alexandra Averianova
2. “A Little Alien” by Kirill Nenashev
3. “The Sunset” by Andrei Annenskii
4. “A Shirt” by Mikhail Yarovikov
5. “The Father” by Ravil Valiev
6. “You Are an Idiot Yourself” by Anna Zaitceva

The program №2 – “The Yellow” – 14 October at 21.00
1. “The Yellow Tulips” by Egor Kalinovskii
2. “Unlearnt lesson” by Nina Vedmitckaia
3. “Spiridon” by Konstantin Abaev
4. “The Electricity (I Want to Die)” by Veniamin Tronin
5. “Above all – not a Sheep” by Baiar Baradiev
6. “The Bell and the Flute” by Dmitrii Maiorov

The program №3 – “The Blue” – 15 October at 21.00
1. “Neona” by Vera Vodynski
2. “The Life After Retirement” by Elena Pogrebizhskaia
3. “The Fur Coat” by Vasilii Vorotov
4. “And I’m Still Alive” by Alexei Sobolev
5. “ S Like $.G” by Oksana Mikheeva
6. “The Forgotten” by Alexander Korolev

The program №4 – “The White” – 16 October at 21.00
1. “The Registrator” by Daria Razumnikova
2. “My Mother Is St. Sebastian” by Alexander Mercury
3. “G” by Roman Safin
4. “Live” by Elena Piskareva
5. “Bobok” by Andrei Zolotukhin
6. “I Close My Eyes” by Andrei Taratukhin